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Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate Cleaner Pro identifies and eliminates duplicate files
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Duplicate Cleaner Pro can help you save storage space by identifying and eliminating duplicate files. The tool provides three types of scans. First, there is Regular Mode, which finds duplicates mainly comparing the actual contents of the files. Second, there is Image Mode, which groups pictures according to their contents. Finally, in Audio Mode, you can find duplicate audio files by comparing tags.

The application has a nice tabbed interface. Advancing through the tabs is like moving through the different steps in a wizard. As a result, anyone, even with little experience, can start using the tool without much difficulty. Logically, the first step is to select a scan mode. In Regular Mode you can specify the level of similarity you expect in the contents of the files. Similarly, the Image Mode allows examining the contents of photographs, even if they are rotated or flipped. It may also take into account aspect ratio, resolution and tags. In Audio Mode, you can tell the program to look for audio files with the same artist, title or album tags. For all three modes, you can also specify other conditions, such as similarity in their file names and extensions as well as time/date tags. Fortunately, it can also look inside zipped files. Finally, you can create a list of locations you want the program to search.

Once the scan is ready, the application shows a list of files grouped according to their similarities. From these groups, you can manually pick which files you want to eliminate. Luckily, there is a selection assistant to help you in this process. For example, when working with various music files, you can tell the program to keep only the songs with the highest sample rate or bitrate to make sure you keep the ones with the highest quality.

All in all, Duplicate Cleaner Pro has the advantage of being very easy to use. Besides, it lets you use a lot of search criteria. However, when I tested the program, the results showed two pairs of false positives. So, if you decide to use this program, be aware that it may be not as accurate as it is desired.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It lets you use multiple search criteria.
  • It can actually compare the contents of the files.
  • It can search inside zipped files.
  • It can compare the contents of two photographs even if one of them is rotated or flipped


  • It found some false positives
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